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westland mini mall

Grannies Silver Spoons

Antique silverware


At Grannies Silver Spoons, we take antique silverware and transform it into unique pieces of vintage jewelry and keepsake art.


 Every item is designed and crafted by hand in our studio in West Bloomfield Michigan. 

from silverware to...


  If you're looking for a personalized gift with vintage flare, let us "SPOON" ya, with an original design by GranniesSilverSpoons!!! 

Bring your silver


Bring your own silver pieces in and we will transform it into a one of a kind piece just for you!

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One of a kind pieces made from antique silver spoons, forks and knives!

give a special gift


These pieces make your gift extra special and unique because its made by hand and the only one of its kind!

Located at Westland Mini Mall

To see Grannies Silver Spoon's pieces visit them at Westland Mini Mall each weekend from 11-6 Fri & Sun and 10-6 on Sat!